Who and where are we?

CATpool is operated by:
Heinz-Geerd Neumann
DK-96001 Zvolen (Slovakia)
hgn [at] catpool.com
(please replace the [at] by @, we are already getting more than 1.000 spams per day!)

We are a privately owned German software house run by its German owner and German management with God but without banks, venture capital or share holders.

Our German sister company was founded in 1993 in Germany and emigrated from Berlin to Slovakia in 1999, where we developed in Bratislava the EleFamily software products in co-operation with our main customers:
Messe Frankfurt GmbH on the Automechanika-CATpool project, a predecessor of our own CATpool, and the
Philips group of companies, main office in Eindhoven in Holland who are using Elebase, Elepub and EleFamily.

How to contact us

Via email: hgn at catpool.com
Please replace the "at" with "@". This makes it a bit more difficult for the spammers and we are getting more than 1.000 spams every day already!

Via telephone: ++421-911-433 800
We have CET - Central European Time
You can phone us on Skype: user name hgneumann