Here you join CATpool as a data vendor

Great benefits and two little duties for CATpool data vendors!
As a CATpool member you profit from the many benefits and the great CATpool software, which is free for CATpool members. As a data vendor you have only two little duties.

Within three months after registration you send an email to 100 of your customers with a copy (cc) to us inviting them to join CATpool and telling them that your data will be available via CATpool. Sample texts can be downloaded from the member area. Of course, you are welcome to send out more emails to as many of your business partners as you like.

You send an email to at least 10 trade publications or journalists specialized in your industry with a copy (cc) to us and with a press release about the availability of your data in CATpool. This brings your company into your trade press again. You can find texts in the members area.

Data supply is your business

It is in your own interest as a product vendor that your product data is as comprehensive and "good" as possible as you support your customers with the needed data to advertise and sell your products.

Data entry as a low-cost service
If you don't have capacities to enter your data into the CATpool-Base we can do this job for you much cheaper than you could yourself because we are working at low Eastern-European costs. Just recently we have captured the content from 1.000 catalog pages in six languages = 6.000 pages within 8 weeks and at costs that you don't dream of. Why don't you ask us by writing an email. Further detailed information (in German only) here....

Special offer to the first 1.000 data vendors - value up to € 5.000

The first 1.000 data vendors can profit from a very special offer as early CATpool supporters:

  • Profit from free EleFamily software (beyond the CATpool software)
  • Profit from free advertising on YellowParts
  • Profit from special pricing for running your own private CATpool business community .

This special offer applies only to data vendors of certain industries who sell internationally through distributors and/or dealers and who invite their business partners to exchange data through CATpool until the 31.12.2009. These benefits are worth up to € 5.000. Just mark your interest in your company profile after registration in the member's area and you will get all the details by email.

Three simple steps to become a CATpool PublisherMember:

You register as a member. Just press the button below. You will receive an email with your access code to the member's area where you can complete your company profile.

You then download the CATpool software and start using it.
You then write emails to your 100 favorite customers or business partners inviting them to join CATpool and telling them that you make your data available to them through CATpool.
And you also write the 10 emails to the press.

Here you become a PublisherMember now!

CATpool is completely free!

If you should decide against using CATpool permanently you can still use CATpool-Base for another six months and export your data to any of the supported formats. The license for CATpool-Base expires twelve months after your initial registration if you don't become a permanent member. So you won't lose any of your work or data!