Here you join CATpool as a data consumer

Great benefits and three little duties for CATpool members / data consumers
As a CATpool member you profit from the many benefits and the great CATpool software, which is free for CATpool members. But you also have three little duties, which are listed here below.

You select all your data vendors and suppliers whose data you want to use. You can also add your own manufacturers and suppliers if they should be missing in our database. These links are not made public. We only use them to contact your vendors and to invite them to join CATpool.
You link your company with all relevant product groups in eCl@ss that your company is somehow affiliated with, so that your company can be selected through these groups in the CATpool portal.
Within three months after registration you send an email to at least 50 suppliers or manufacturers or dealer colleagues with a copy (cc) to us asking them to join CATpool and to supply their data to you via CATpool. Texts can be downloaded from the member area. Of course, you are welcome to send out more emails to as many of your business partners as you like. We need your support!

Acquisition of data vendors is your business

It is in your own interest that as many data vendors as possible supply their data to you via CATpool. For your suppliers you are the customer so you have the best arguments to ask them to feed their data into CATpool
and to convince them that CATpool offers many advantages to both of you.

Three simple steps to become a CATpool UserMember:

You register as a member. Just press the button below. You will receive an email with your access code to the member's area where you select or add the data vendors whose data you want to use.

You then download the CATpool software and start using it.

You write emails to your 50 favorite vendors, manufacturers or business partners inviting them to join CATpool and asking them to make their data available to you.

Here you become a UserMember now!

CATpool is completely free!

If you should decide against using CATpool permanently you can still use CATpool-Base for another six months and export your data to any of the supported formats. The license for CATpool-Base expires twelve months after your initial registration if you don't become a permanent member. So you won't lose any of your work or data