CATpool-PCM - Product Content Management System

CATpool-PCM, the Product Content Management System, is the central and most important part of CATpool. This software and its local database are installed locally at all data vendors and all data consumers where it is used to administrate all product related data of any type, all the content of product catalogs, data sheets, price lists, offers and other data-heavy publications for paper, e-paper and/or HTML.

CATpool-PCM works stand-alone or as an extension to ERP systems, enhancing ERP data by all publication related product data, settings and formatting including multi-language floating texts and pictures or drawings. Technically, CATpool-PCM is a specialized version of Elestore, which has been in use by the Philips group of companies since 2003 to administrate around 1 million SKU (articles) with more than 4 million attributes!

Data types
CATpool-PCM stores virtually all types of data but it puts primary emphasis on:

  • Multi-lingual and formatted floating text objects
  • Commercial product details (in close co-operation with your ERP database)
  • Technical product details including variable product attributes
  • Support for all major product classification systems and especially for eCl@ss
  • Images with multi-lingual descriptions

Data categories (public, private, confidential data etc)
Of course, your CATpool-PCM software stores in its local database all categories of data:

It is the data vendor's decision to define, which data fields fall into which of these categories. Therefore, every data vendor (data source) has full control over who gets access to what category of his data. CATpool eases data collaboration and data exchange but CATpool also fully protects your data at the same time.

Close database publishing alliance
CATpool-PCM acts autonomously or as an integral part of Elepub, the Object Database Publishing system. While CATpool-PCM administrates all data, Elepub automatically publishes this data to any type of publication in any format on any media and from one single database source!

While CATpool-PCM is used by product managers and office clerks to administrate all product related data, Elepub automatically publishes this data to any commercial or technical product publication. Technically, CATpool-PCM (Elestore) and Elepub are just one single system avoiding all data imports or conversions. They were designed from the very beginning as one system but they can also be used separately.

Full integration of MS Excel, MS Word and PDF files
Excel and Word files are stored in the PCM database so that the usual chaos in the file system and with several versions is completely avoided. Also, the MS Excel and MS Word software is fully integrated into CATpool-PCM.

You continue using your usual application software like MSWord and MSExcel. All files are now all stored in your own local central database avoiding the otherwise occurring data chaos of single files.

CATpool and EleFamily offer several products to publish this data yourself:

  • EleExxel is based on MSExcel
  • ElePricelist is based on MSWord and MSExcel also coupled with one another
  • EleProductSite includes EleExxel and ElePricelist and generates entire product websites in HTML.
  • Elepub is the most sophisticated tool spezialized in generating very complex layout for print catalogs.

Simple integration with your existing systems and databases
CATpool-PCM closely co-operates and communicates with your existing external databases. This avoids data redundancy and makes data in ERP and other databases logically accessible to CATpool-PCM without the need to physically import it. This is how the data flow looks like from a data consumer's point of view:

CATpool communicates with other systems via standard software tools like MSAccess, MSExcel, which are fully integrated into the CATpool software.

Why reinvent the wheel if these wide-spread software products can do the job.