Why is CATpool free for all?

The term "for free" is often just a lie. Once you fell for it they want to know your credit card number.

We really mean "gratis" or "free of charge" and not just "free trial" or whatever is hidden normally behind "free". You can see here that all of the very comprehensive CATpool software is free for all and even more is free for SME. Of course, when we work for you we must be paid adequately.

Granted, it's extremely unusual to give away such comprehensive software products for free - but we do have very good reasons and we ask you to spend a few minutes to get to know and understand our reasons and motivation.

The better way to develop and distribute software

Companies developing application software spend between 50-70% of their revenues convincing customers to buy their products i.e. on sales and marketing, while only less than 10% of revenues are actually spend making better products, i.e. on engineering. We thought that it's insane to waste your money that way!

CATpool is a much better way to distribute our software! And as a result, more than 75% of our company work on development and customer support and our sales and marketing costs are well below 10%.

Some more rational reasons
Our software products fill huge market niches that have been overlooked by all of the large software vendors
We have developed this comprehensive software system with an effort of more than 30 man years - with God but without banks, venture capital, or share holders.

Just as much as we want to fill these market niches with CATpool we are convinced that time has come for new concepts such as Open Source software, Linux and similar trends. CATpool is our little contribution in this arena!

Will CATpool always stay free and neutral?

Yes, we definitely guarantee that all data in CATpool, the CATpool software and the update service will always remain free-of-charge for all SME. We want to stay independent under all circumstances and keep CATpool absolutely neutral and open to anybody!

Neither commissions nor transaction charges
We don't want to participate from your sales nor do we charge any transaction fees. We are working at very low costs and are therefore able to let our software free of charge to SME, to Small and Medium Enterprises.

And the costs for non-SME?

All core functionalities of CATpool are also free for non-SME and so is the software for editing and uploading data to the central CATpool server. Free for non-SME is also the data distribution to data consumers.

Beyond that, non-SME are invited to use our software at very moderate license fees. While technically equal or even superior to the products of the big software vendors we still are very modest with our license fees. But just as non-SME have nothing to give away for free nor do we when talking to customers who are well capable of paying a fair license fee when using extended or multi-user versions of our software and services.

Be assured: CATpool will definitely cost you much less than you will profit from it! See yourself...