What is CATpool?

CATpool is a unique business community and data collaboration system consisting of:

  • Very comprehensive application software to administrate, automatically generate, distribute and use any kind of product data, product catalog content and finished product catalogs comprising of:
    • Product Content Management System (PCM) Elestore, which is used by the head office of the Philips group of companies in Holland to administrate around 1 million products
    • Article Information System (AIS) for sales and use at the POS
    • Communication software for automatic data exchange between business partners
    • POS product enquiry software
    • Different software products for making multiple use of the product data
    • Software products for database publishing to paper, e-paper and HTML
  • The central data pool with product catalogs and all detailed article data contained in product catalogs
  • A new type of data communication system connecting manufacturers and dealers in many industries simplifying their daily business collaboration from data exchange to business processes
  • Services like the permanent update service or communication via direct data exchange etc.

The CATpool software enables manufacturers and dealers to produce their own product catalogs, price lists or web sites for paper, e-paper or HTML and to exchange all needed data with one another.

For data users like dealers CATpool offers all the article data and catalog contents needed to make their own publications, product catalogs, flyers, price lists and web sites as well as to create detailed quotes with a "quote catalog" explaining all mentioned products in detail.

CATpool data, software and update services are free for all and especially SME, Small or Medium Enterprises, profit from even more free software. We practice a new license model: The smaller the member company the more is free. Read here about our motivation. Join now....

What means "CATpool"?
CATpool stands for "catalog and data pool" - it's simply the CATalog pool.

Who is behind CATpool?
CATpool is operated by a small and privately owned German software house managed by its German owner and located in Eastern Europe. We work with God but without stock holders, banks, or venture capital and we have no interest in the products or markets that CATpool serves! We guarantee that CATpool will always stay:

  • Completely neutral i.e. never influenced by any product-related market force.
  • Open to all data and catalog publishers and data and catalog users.
  • Free for all in all core features with special privileges for SME - Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises.

CATpool must spread by word of mouth and the Internet
Normally, such a project would be promoted by a large marketing budget that the investors expect to be retuned quickly and multiple times. This is not the case here.

CATpool must be spread by word of mouth, by being promoted by its members and by the many advantages brought to all the members. These times require new concepts and new solutions both in products and in the way how they are marketed and we want to stay away from money greedy investor and venture capital sharks.

Join CATpool now...