The business community system with close data collaboration
and software, data and services — completely free of charge
  • Product data and catalog pool with detailed product data, images, texts, catalogs and regular updates
  • Plenty of free software supporting comprehensive business community and data collaboration tasks
  • Product Content Management System as central repository for all product related data of any type
    see many details here in video films
  • Database Publishing software to automatically generate product catalogs, publications and web sites
  • Product Information System for product data enquiries and sales support via Internet at the POS
  • Many other and very comprehensive application software for the POS, a quotes generator etc.
  • Direct bilateral communication system for price, order and data exchange between business partners
  • CATpool is completely free for companies of any size and SME, Small and Medium Enterprises profit from especially comprehensive free software and services. Details on our new marketing concept!

CATpool is software, data and services, with a pool of product data and catalogs
from many vendors, with detailed product and technical data, multi-lingual texts, product images, links between products and entire finished product catalogs.

CATpool simplifies the data exchange and regular daily business collaboration between business partners by directly linking suppliers and customers with public article data from the central server and confidential data via direct bilateral exchange.

You get the very comprehensive CATpool software for using this data as well as your own data in your daily work in sales and purchasing, for publishing and advertising.
The CATpool software automatically generates your product catalogs, data sheets, quotes, web site pages or any other type of your own product related publications, it closely co-operates with your existing databases and ERP and supports all data standards such as BMEcat, Datanorm, eCl@ss, Etim, UN/SPSC, XML etc.

CATpool is the world-wide business community and data collaboration system
and it is completely free for all. Become a CATpool member here....

For most industries:
  • Automotive
  • Building industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Fasteners, fittings
  • Food
  • Furniture, interior
  • Machine building
  • Norm parts
  • Sanitary
  • Tools of any type
...also suitable for most others not mentioned!

CATpool is for you!

For all industries and users CATpool is the product data and catalog pool providing you with article data and e-paper catalogs for your daily work:

Distributors, dealers and the craft use CATpool in sales, at the POS (point-of-sale), in purchasing and for writing offers or for creating your own flyers, catalogs, price lists, posters or websites. E-paper frequently replaces paper. It is also your customer retention system!
Catalog publishers (manufacturers) distribute their public paper catalogs as e-paper via CATpool to potential and regular customers. Confidential data is sent directly via email and is imported into the user's local CATpool database.
Update service and data communication provided by CATpool keeps catalogs permanently up-to-date via Internet and offers direct communication for sales people at the POS to their suppliers.
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